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Accessories for Compex Products

We offer an array of useful accessories for Compex devices. Packs, Batteries, Electrodes, Protective Cases can all be purchased on the Compex store.
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  1. View Details Compex Runner Pack
    Special Price £364.47 Regular Price £485.96
    On Sale 25% Off Save £121.49

    The Compex Runner Pack is the ideal choice for runners of all abilities. It boasts a range of products aimed at boosting both recovery and performance.

    The pack consists of:

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  2. View Details 10 Packs Of Easysnap Electrodes with 1 Snap connector | Compex UK
    Special Price £79.99 Regular Price £89.90
    On Sale 11% Off Save £9.91

    Buy your 50x100mm 1 snap electrodes in bulk with our Recovery Pack, perfect for post-training sessions.

    This pack includes: 10 Bags of 2 self-adhesive electrodes with 1 Snap connector.

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  3. View Details Compex Ab and Lower Back Pack
    Special Price £69.99 Regular Price £78.93
    On Sale 11% Off Save £8.94

    The Compex Core Pack allows you to work the abdominal and lumbar areas simultaneously and with better comfort, meaning you can tone your core more effectively.

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  4. View Details Accessories Travel Pack For Compex SP 6.0
    Special Price £69.99 Regular Price £80.97
    On Sale 14% Off Save £10.98

    The pack with the accessories for your SP 6.0, allowing you to travel with your entire set and use it with better comfort and more efficiency.

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