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Two men using the Compex SP 4.0 and SP 6.0 muscle stimulators

If you're in the market for a new electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) device, then we've got a fantastic offer for you. During April, you can purchase the SP 4.0 for the price of a SP 2.0, or go wireless and get the SP 6.0 for the price of a SP 4.0.

Compex SP 4.0 electrical muscle stimulator

SP 4.0

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RSP: €649.99

Compex SP 6.0 electrical muscle stimulator

SP 6.0

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RSP: €899.99

Still unsure? Then take a look at these useful pages we've compiled for you and we're sure you'll soon be very convinced about the power of muscle stimulation.

Trade in your old device

Trade-in your old muscle stimulator and upgrade with Compex

Got an old muscle stimulator that you're looking to recycle? Whatever the brand Compex will take it off your hands and, in return, we'll offer you a 40% discount on one of our market-leading wireless muscle stimulators.


Use the Compex Product Selector to find your device

Compex now offers a full range of recovery device solutions, with different products offering different methods, which can also be combined. It can be difficult to select the best recovery method, so we've put together a helpful chart to aid you in making the correct decision. We compare recovery effectiveness, costs, ease of use and more.

Let us help you find your perfect Compex product. Our product selector will help you find the best device to suit your needs.

All you need to do is answer a few questions and the product selector will do the rest.

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