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A Guide to Compex Electrodes

A Guide to Compex Electrodes

Our electrodes are an integral part of the muscle stimulation experience. They are made from high-quality materials and facilitate the muscle stimulation experience, ensuring sessions are comfortable.

On this page we offer you a guide to our electrodes; how to look after them, get longer use from them and how often to refresh your electrodes.

If you'd like to learn more about electrode placement for better, more efficient sessions then head to our Compex Electrode Placements page.

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Using your Compex Electrodes

For our current range of muscle stimulators, we offer 3 different types of electrode all available in black and white. Which ones you use depend on which muscle placement you are trying to use and whether you wish to use 2 or 4 channels on your muscle stimulator to target that muscle.


Compex Small 1-Snap Electrodes
Small 1-Snap Electrodes
Compex Large 1-Snap Electrodes
Large 1-Snap Electrodes
Compex Large 2-Snap Electrodes
Large 2-Snap Electrodes
Compex CoreBelt Electrodes
CoreBelt Electrodes

We advise that you use your Compex electrodes for no more than 15/20 uses. There are ways to ensure you get the most out of your electrodes, such as:

  • Once you have finished using your electrodes, place them on the "ON" side of plastic sheet.
  • Use Compex Electrode Gel to improve adhesion between the electrode and skin.
  • If you are not using Electrode Gel, ensure that your skin is dry and clear of any oils or moisturisers.
  • Use a Compex Motor Point Pen to highlight the best place to position your electrode/s.
  • When doing static and dynamic exercise, use Compex Elastic Straps to help keep modules and electrodes secure.

Placing your electrodes well on your muscles means you will get the best out of your workout/recovery session, giving you the best chance to either achieve your goal, or recover muscles better for that next workout.

Save Money - Buy in Bulk with Compex Electrode Packs

We offer an array of great value Electrode Packs, meaning you can save money by getting your Compex electrodes in bulk giving you more to keep you going for longer.

Compex Workout Electrode Pack
Workout Pack
Compex Recovery Electrode Pack
Recovery Pack
Compex Quads Electrode Pack
Quads Pack
Compex Core Electrode Pack
Core Pack