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Compression Wrap with Hot and Cold Therapy Technology

Compex ColdForm Utility


Compex Hot/Cold Therapy helps reduce swelling and pain, accelerating recovery through movable hot/cold gel pack and a bilateral compression wrap.

We also offer Coldform solutions for Back and Knee, and provide Reusable Gel Packs separately.

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ColdForm Utility

Features & Benefits

  • HOT & COLD THERAPY: delivered to targeted areas
  • CUSTOMIZABLE DESIGN: easy-to-adjust, modular wrap optimizes fit
  • STRETCH NEOPRENE: 4mm premium-grade stretch neoprene compresses while allowing mobility
  • ADAPTABLE LINING: inner lining integrates with removable gel pack
  • REUSABLE HOT/COLD GEL PACKS: moldable gel pack conform to joints and muscles

Product Questions

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How to Use the ColdForm Wrap

Operational Temperature


The gel pack delivers approximately 2ºC/28ºF of cold therapy when stored in freezer and 43.5ºC/110ºF of hot therapy when microwaved.


Applying ColdForm




Peripheral vascular disease, decreased skin sensitivity, poor circulation, cold allergy or history of cold injury. DO NOT use this product if you cannot check your skin frequently during the treatment (at least every hour).

Check for increased pain, burning, numbness, tingling, itching, swelling, blisters, irritation or other changes in skin condition, including under the Gel Pack.

If you experience any of these symptoms immediately discontinue use and contact your physician.

Warnings & Cautions

DO NOT place the Gel Pack directly to skin. Always place a cloth barrier between the Gel Pack and skin.

Neoprene supports should not be worn by individuals with known susceptibility to dermatitis or allergies to neoprene by-products.

If you experience any pain, swelling, sensation changes,or any unusual reactions while using this product, consult your medical professional immediately.

The support should be snug but not impair circulation. Never wear the support over an open wound.