Wireless Muscle Stimulator with TENS

Compex Mini

Wireless, mobile-connected muscle stim device.

Connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth, the Compex Mini wireless muscle stim device and TENS machine was created to help everybody embrace their fitness, recovery and pain management, whether on the go, in the gym or at home.

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This product is covered by our Compex 2 year warranty.

Compex® Mini - Wireless Muscle Stimulator with TENS

Mini Size. Maximum Recovery.


Pre-Warm Up

Rather than contracting the muscle, this program's target is to increase blood flow to help muscles prepare for exercise.


If you like long exercise sessions, this program will help you increase muscle endurance by building slow twitch muscle fibers.


An all-around program for muscle tone, building both slow and fast twitch muscle fibers.

Training Recovery / Active Recovery

Helps to relax muscles and reduce stiffness following exercise sessions.

Muscle Relaxation / Massage

Helps to reduce muscle tension and provide muscle relaxation.

Pain Relief / TENS

Helps decrease the intensity of pain.

  • Bluetooth


  • Placing Electrodes

    Placing Electrodes

  • Up 6hrs

    Up 6hrs

  • iOS & Android

    iOS & Android

Compex Mobile App Features

Save Time ? Mobile App Features

The Compex Mini Wireless muscle stimulator connects via Bluetooth® to the Compex mobile app. The app controls six programs to help muscles to recover, prevent injuries, ease muscle tension, improve performance and more.

Compex Mini App - Menu Options

Menu Options

Simple, easy-to-use menu options help you train smarter and set yourself up for success.

Compex Mini App - Electrode Placement

Electrode Placement

Whichever muscle group you're looking to work on or recover, follow our easy-to-use electrode placement guide so you know where to stick the electrodes for the most efficient and effective session.

Compex Mini App - Program Selections

Program Selections

Offering six different programs, embrace your fitness, recovery, and pain management with the Compex Mini.

How to Use the Compex Mini App

Compex Mini App - Getting Started

Getting Started

First, download and install the app. You can find the Compex Mini app in Google Play or the App Store. Once downloaded, open the app and you’ll be prompted to register and set up an account. Follow the fields to fill in the correct information and click register. You’ll use your email and password to login.

Compex Mini App - Sync Your Device

Sync Your Device

Make sure your Bluetooth® on your smartphone is turned on. Next, turn on the Compex® Mini pods. Simply press the ON/OFF button. There will be a yellow LED light and one beep to indicate that the power is on. The master pod should pair automatically with the app. If it doesn’t automatically sync, when prompted, pair the Mini with Bluetooth® by clicking “connect”.

Note: If you’re only using one pod, make sure it’s the master pod which has a number 1 on the left side.

Compex Mini App - Select a Program

Select a Program

From the main menu, tap the program icon. You’ll be taken to a list of the six pre-designed programs:

  • Pre-Warm Up
  • Endurance
  • Resistance
  • Training Recovery / Active Recovery
  • Muscle Relaxation / Massage
  • Pain Relief / TENS

Choose your program, then click the “Home Icon” on the upper right corner to go back to the main menu. Tap "Pad Placement" to place the electrodes appropriately.

Compex Mini App - How to Place the Pods

How to Place the Pods

Before starting your program, you’ll want to determine which muscle group you’d like to focus on. Once you decide on the targeted area, simply click on the Pad Placement icon and then choose the muscle group. Here you’ll find easy-to-follow placement guides. Make sure your skin is clean and dry before placing the electrodes. Also, double check that the pads are placed securely to the skin otherwise the output intensity cannot be adjusted.

Once the electrodes are properly placed, tap “Start”.

Compex Mini App - Adjusting the Intensity

Adjusting the Intensity

When you select a program, you’ll be taken to a screen with the program timing and intensity settings. Here you can adjust the intensity by tapping the plus sign “+” to increase or the minus sign “-“ to decrease the levels. Push the pause/play button (low right) if you need to pause for a moment.

You can go back to the programs by clicking the “Programs” icon on the low left.

Happy Compexing!

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