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Compex Sport Range

Compex Fit 3.0

Fit 3.0


Compex Fit 5.0

Fit 5.0



Tone, sculpt and build your muscles.


To recover muscle firmness.


To work on toning thighs.


To regain a slimmer waist.


To tone and firm up the buttocks.


To strengthen and tone the abs.


To increase muscle volume in the chest.


To increase muscle volume in the biceps.


To treat swelling of the feet and ankles.


To increase shoulders muscle volume.


To improve muscle strength with a slight increase in volume.


To increase muscle tone and volume.


To increase blood flow in the muscle.


To train different muscle work through different working sequences.


To prepare muscles before a competition.


Increase blood flow, reduce muscle tension, and promote a relaxing effect to restore your muscles.


To generate a relaxing effect and soothe the muscles.


To recover after a physical effort.


To reduce the duration and intensity of muscle soreness post-workout.


To relieve feelings of tiredness.


Relieve and/or prevent aching pains and increase endorphin production.


To alleviate all types of localised pain.


To reduce muscle tension.


To create analgesic actions to block pain.


To reduce pains in the back.


To eliminate any heavy legs sensation.


To prevent muscle cramps.


To reduce pains in the neck.


To decrease persistent tendinitis pains.


To block the passage of acute lower back pain.


To decrease persistent elbow pains.


Regain muscle volume, strength and speed of contraction.


To regain muscle volume on muscle(s) that has been inactive for a long period.


To complete rehabilitation once the muscles have reached their normal volume.


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