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Compex Videos & Workout Tutorials

Compex Muscle Stim quick start guide

How does Compex work?
Compex Range - Sport & Fitness
Compex wireless devices
Compex wired devices

Compex Fitness & Wellness

Relax After Work
Chest Workout
Ease Neck Pain 1
Ease Neck Pain 2
Ab Workout 1
Ab Workout 2
Quad Workout
Hamstring Recovery
Ease Lower Back Pain
Arm Workout
Bicep Workout
Après Ski
Help with Neck Pain (wired)
Forearm Pain Relief
Forearm Pain Relief (wired)
TENS for Lower Back Pain
Muscle Stim for Relaxation
Knee Pain

Compex Bracing & Supports

Bionic Range
Bionic Knee
Bionic Back
Bionic Ankle
Webtech Range
Webtech Patella
Webtech Patella Strap
Trizone Range
Trizone Knee
Trizone Elbow (Tennis/Golf)
Trizone Calf
Trizone Ankle
Trizone Arm
Pinpoint Knee Strap
Defender Elbow
Defender Knee
5mm Knee - Black
5mm Knee - Camo
Lace Up Ankle

Compex Hints & Tips

Exercising with Compex Part 1
Exercising with Compex Part 2
Electrodes | ON & NO
Electrodes | Recovery
Travel Pouch

Athletes & Compex

Frederik Van Lierde | Triathlon
Matt Fraser, Phil Heath & Lauren Fisher
Barsparta | Calisthenics
Tom Evans | Trail Running
Charlotte Morel | Triathlon
Laura Celdrans | MTB
Omar Fraile | Cycling
Bahrain Merida | Cycling
Clinca Mobile | Moto GP

How to Integrate Compex in your Training

How to develop your pecs using Compex in your training
How to strength your arms using Compex in your training
How to sculpt your glutes using Compex in your training
How to tone your thigh abductors using Compex in your training
How to tone your quads using Compex in your training

Compex Tape application

Achilles Tendonitis
Full knee support
Low back 1
Low back 2
Osgood Schlatter
Quadricep 1
Quadricep 2
Shin splints
Tennis elbow