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Alleviate Stress with Massager

Help alleviate stress, tight muscles and soreness with the assistance of a massage device. Whether large or small muscle groups, a massage device can help alleviate targeted areas to help you ease stiffness and increase flexibility so you can move and perform your best during competition. From work to the gym to travel, shop our portable massage devices and get a pro-like treatment that you deserve.

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    Regardless of your fitness level or your activity, Compex® Ayre™ compression boots are ideal for accelerating the healing process. Instead of spending the next day fighting delayed onset muscle soreness, use our compression boots to recover quicker so you can go all-out day after day. Foam rollers, ice packs, and rest can only do so much. But with Ayre™ compression boots, you can recover on your terms. Because these boots are wireless and rechargeable, you don’t have to spend your recovery time tethered to a power outlet. You can recover comfortably in the place that works best for you.

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    S/M - Inseam = 32" (81cm) or under | Height = 6' (183cm) or under
    L/XL - Inseam = over 32" (82cm) | Height = over 6' (184cm) Learn More
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What Are the Benefits of Compex® Massage Machines?

No matter your fitness level, activity or choice, or how often you exercise, delayed onset muscle soreness can get in the way. That’s why so many people turn to Compex® massage machines. From the FIXX™ 2.0 Massager to the Molecule®, Ion®, and other solutions, Compex® massage machines are designed to help you reduce soreness and promote recovery.

Use a massage gun like the FIXX™ 2.0 Massager to target sore muscles and lactic acid buildup. Or work deep layers of tissue with the Compex® Ion™, made with a textured finish to help provide the stable grip you need for optimal results.

Compex® massage machines are also a superb means of enhancing your lymphatic system’s circulation, which is key to removing toxins from your body. Similarly, our massage machines can also help reduce inflammation for quicker recovery periods.

If you’re looking to improve your range of motion, this is another area where massage machines can help. By using a Compex® massager to target knots and loosen up muscles, you can work toward improved mobility and flexibility. With an augmented range of motion, you can reduce your risk of injury and improve overall athletic performance.

You'll see Compex® products in professional training rooms around the world, but you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to benefit from our massage machines. You can use Compex® massaging products to simply help promote relaxation and reduce stress. Whether you’re looking to build strength, increase your range of motion, or simply improve your mood, Compex® massage machines can help.