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  • FDA Cleared

    FDA Cleared

  • Increase Explosive Strength

    Increase Explosive Strength

  • Reduce Muscle & Joint Damage

    Reduce Muscle & Joint Damage

  • Avoid Training Fatigue

    Avoid Training Fatigue

  • Faster Recovery

    Faster Recovery

  • Pain Management

    Pain Management

About Compex

For over 30 years Compex has been a global leader in muscle stim technology. Our products are beneficial for muscle recovery, injury prevention, pain management and intense training programs. We offer the best in Electric Muscle Stimulators (EMS), Electrodes, and EMS Accessories. Electrostimulation allows you to naturally reap the benefits of improved stamina, quick recovery, as well as increased blood circulation, strength and muscle volume. It's the perfect complement to any existing sports training regimen. From seasoned professionals to weekend warriors, benefits can be found by incorporating Compex into any training regiment. Learn more about how our devices work and the results you could see.