You have a wonderful tool… the best training partner to sculpt your body and tone and shape your muscles. Patricia Soave, our expert trainer in Compex®, will help you to get visible results the same way she does for her customers.

In order to get the best out of her programmes, you have to follow 3 basic rules:

1) Regularity => A muscle that is not stimulated regularly will not adapt. You have to train minimum 3 times a week by muscle group for 4 to 6 weeks in order to get visible results.
2) Intensity => To the maximum bearable intensity in order to stimulate as many muscle fibresas possible. At the beginning, the contractions might surprise you and you may ache in the days following. This is normal, because EMS will enable you to develop an important quantity of muscle fibres, more than during a normal bodybuilding training session.
3) Combination of proposed exercises during contraction phase => Will enable you to shorten your training sessions with maximum efficiency, without putting any strain on your joints, but with heavier loads. The strength of EMS combined with voluntary contractions will multiply the benefits of your session. You will get a real muscular benefit!

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