Functional training combines gymnastics, weights and endurance sports.

Functional training athletes have to be proficient in a huge variety of disciplines. They run, row, climb rope, jump, move objects and practice Olympic weightlifting movements using dumbbells, gymnastic rings, boxes, kettlebells, bags and other items which serve as training aids.

Functional training focuses on the development of ten athletic skills:cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, power,speed, agility, psychomotor, balance and accuracy. The aim is to develop the capacity totrain with greater intensity for extended periods, utilising a variety of muscle groups.


The WOD (Workout of the Day) is built around three principles:

  1. The movements are functional, or in other words, natural and easily transferable to everyday life: pushing, pulling, jumping, running or lifting a heavy object.
  2. The training is constantly varied. Rather than allowing the body to sink into a familiar routine or rhythm, and thus lessening the benefit received from the workout, functional training means you never know what to expect; training might include circuits one day (a sequence of exercises in a given time or for a set number of repetitions) and a singular activity the next: running or pure strength (such as deadlifting, backsquat or shoulder pressing).
  3. Training is always at high intensity; flirt with your own limitations: run as fast as possible, raise the bar with more weight, push yourself.

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In the next few pages you’ll see outlined the Compex programs recommended for functional training athletes...