Compex Meets MMA and BJJ fighter Ioannis Palaiologos (@palaiologos_ioannis), known to his many fans as The Greek Emperor! He has signed a contract with the Bellator league and he is now of the top European MMA fighters.

Ioannis Palaiologos

Compex: Hi there, Ioannis! Great to meet you - please could you start by telling our readers a bit about yourself?

Ioannis: Hello Compex! My name is Ioannis Palaiologos. I live in Greece, I am an MMA professional athlete and a proud member of the Compex Greece Team.

Compex: Fascinating. Could you tell our readers how you did got into MMA and BJJ?

Ioannis: I have been fighting as a pro since a decade now. I've fought lots of fights in both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA sports, representing Greece around the globe including: USA, Russia, UK, Poland, Germany, Italy and Sweden.

After almost 30 pro fights in both USA and Europe and having collected a Greek MMA championship belt, I signed last year with Bellator which is one of the two best leagues of the world.

I own a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and a gold medal at the European No-Gi championship in Italy last season. I have also been nominated multiple times as a BJJ and No-Gi Champion in Greece, along with other European open championships. 

Compex: How does Compex help you to find a competitive edge as a fighter?

Ioannis: Compex plays a really important role in my everyday routine. Especially in a combat sport like MMA, a lot of recovery between sessions is definitely needed. My Compex Muscle Stimulator helps me to avoid injuries and deeply recover after explosive trainings.

So, everyday finds me in a great condition and I am able to put all my effort in every day’s training. Especially during competition days of championships, when multiple fights take place on a single day, Compex is my best partner in warming up and instant rehabilitation.

For all the above reasons, I am so happy to be part of the Compex Team!

Compex: Which program/s do you like to use most on your SP 8.0, Ioannis?

Ioannis: In terms of training, my favorite programs are Endurance and Strength programs in dynamic trainings. I always use Warm Up or Overcompensation programs before trainings. Capillarisation is also helping my legs to function better.

For recovery I use Competition/Training Recovery , Muscle Pain and Reduce Muscle Soreness mainly. The end of the day finds me always with some Reviving Massage on my legs and my back.

Compex: Fantastic, and do you use other Compex products?

Ioannis: Yes, of course! I use Fixx 2.0 massage gun. It boosts my pain relief and relaxes my muscles after training. I also use it sometimes for warming up my shoulders.