Compex Meets judoka Aleksandar Kukolj (@aleksandar.kukolj), he fought twice at the Olympic Games representing Serbia, he was the European champion and the world runner-up. He is member of the Serbian national judo team, he won 3 Grand Slam winners and 2 Grand Prix winners, first at the Mediterranean Games-. Aleksander was ranked as number on at the world rankings for year and a half.


Aleksandar Kukolj

Compex: Hi there, Aleksandar! Great to meet you - please could you start by telling our readers a bit about yourself?

Aleksandar: Hello Compex! My name is Aleksandar Kukolj. I live in Serbia, I am a professional judoka.

Compex: Fascinating. Could you tell our readers how you did got into Judo?

Aleksandar: I have been training judo since I was 7 years old. My parents are coming from the countryside, and they had moved to the city at some point, so raising children in a big town was quite a challenge for them. 

Thinking logically, they wanted my younger sister and I to direct our children's energy in the right direction, so sport was the way they had chosen for us. Since they have never played sports themselves, it was less important to them which sport I would choose, and then a judo club opened in the street where I lived. This is how it all started. Someone would say, it was meant to be.

Compex: How does Compex help you to find a competitive edge as a Judoka?

Aleksandar: Sport is a game of efficiency. A huge number of athletes from all over the world are ready to dedicate and are dedicating every hour of their day to becoming better in their sport, this is no longer in question. Now the advantage is given to the one who manages to get the most out of his time dedicated to sports in the most efficient way.

Compex SP 8.0 helps me right there, it serves as one of the main tools for me to reap the benefits for myself even when I'm resting. I prepare my body for new efforts in a more efficient way, I progress even when I am not in training, and the fact that it has a positive effect on my psyche, should also not be ignored.


Aleksandar SP 8.0

Compex: Which program/s do you like to use most on your SP 8.0, Aleksandar?

Aleksandar: The programs I use most often are programs from the Recovery and Pain management groups. In case of injuries, I also use Strength programs for those muscles, which due to the injury I can't activate by exercising.

Compex Molecule and Compex Ion are my absolute favourites and I will hardly start any training without ten minutes of using them. I also use Compex Ayre compression boots.

Aleksandar Ion